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2013 "Sleep Until Your Dreams Come True"
3F Project Room, Kyoto Japan

2011 "Made in West Germany"
Gallery Countach, Tokyo Japan

2011 "F#$%^& West Germany"
Combine Nakameguro, Tokyo Japan

2008 "Absent City"
Gallery Within Assistant, Tokyo, Japan
(w/ Megumi Matsubara, Assistant)

2006 "Standardportraet Tokyo"
Tokyo Design Week, Tokyo, Japan
(w/ Redesign Deutschland, Berlin)

2004 "Moegliche Welten - Possible Worlds"
Fotoforum West, Innsbruck, Austria
(w/ Carolin Hake)

2004 "B/W", Gallery Glue, Berlin

2004 "Nulllinie", Ill Galleries, Berlin
(w/ Markus Krieger)

2003 "Standardportraet", Simultanhalle,
Cologne, Germany

2002 "Aggregat", Pavillon an der
Volksbuehne, Berlin (w/ Dag Przybilla)

2001 "Boys Don't Cry" Installation, Berlin

1998 Galerie BerlinTokio, Berlin
(w/ Evelin Hoehne)

1998 Sirup-Szene, Berlin

1998 Galerie RadioBerlin, Berlin

1997 Bei Renate, comic-library, Berlin

2013 "Nuit Blanche Kyoto"
at Syudoku Ruins, Kyoto Japan

2009 "Nullpunkt. Nieuwe German Gestaltung"
(w/ Redesign Deutschland, Berlin)
MARTa Herford, Germany
2008 "Post Coitum Omne Animal Triste"
M.H.T., Tokyo, Japan

2001 Aggregat, Pavillon an der
Volksbuehne, Berlin

2000 "Club N Slide", Neue Gesellschaft
Fuer Bildende Kunst NGBK, Berlin

2000 "Z2000", Akademie Der Kuenste
(Academy Of Arts), Berlin

2000 "The Return Of Bewegungselite",
Haus des Lehrers, Berlin

1999 "The Bewegungselite", HdL, Berlin

1999 "ZAG", Muse dArt Moderne,
Paris (w/ Dag Przybilla)
1999 "Silver Stories Writing On
Photography", Galerie contact:c4, Berlin
(w/ Dag Przybilla)

1999 "Kuenstler Gegen Den Krieg",
Maria Am Ostbahnhof, Berlin

1999 "Playart", Schwarzenberg, Berlin

1997 Galerie BerlinTokio, Berlin
(Hommage to the artist 4000)

1997 Kuratorenkiller, Kassel, Germany

1996 Allgirls-Galerie, Berlin

1995 Galerie O/2, Berlin

2010 "Raster-Noton Document #1"
published by Raster Noton
Tokyo, Japan

2006 "Standardportraet"
published by Simultanhalle,
Cologne, Germany

2003 "Possible Worlds"
published by Fotoforum West,
Innsbruck, Austria

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Neon Magazine, Ger
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